Some of my most recent and favorite projects

  • Content For Developers

    This open-source project aims to please users with not just another site full of resources, exercises, and solutions to problems. Contributors are encouraged to upload and share any additional content such as visual diagrams, animated GIFs, notes, charts, or whatever works for them in an effort to provide a more complete learning experience for all utilizing different learning styles.


    New role as the UX/UI and front-end developer for a startup in the AI space. I am responsible for the design, accessibility, and adherence to best practices for the front-end of the application regarding the implementation of AI and machine learning.

  • ChatGPT for Developers

    Utilize and learn about the different models offered by OpenAI’s GPT-3 API. This project is a simple chat application that allows users to interact with the different models and see the results in real-time.